Genome-wide Characterization of the Normal Human Cell Cycle

Serum starvation: measured expression

Serum starvation: deconvolved expression

Thymidine block: measured expression

Thymidine block: deconvovled expression

FACS data

Identified cycling genes

This website provides access to the measured and deconvolved microarray data and the FACS data. Early passage human foreskin fibroblasts were synchronized by two methods, serum starvation and thymidine block. Serum starvation arrests cells in the G0/G1 phase of the cell cycle while thymidine block arrests cells at the G1/S boundary. Flow cytometry (FACS) analysis shows the limited synchrony that can be achieved with these cells. The website also provides Excel files with the lists of identified genes.

The common set of genes that are cycling in both, cancer and primary fibroblasts.