GenGO -- GENerative GO analysis

Step 1: Select the species.
Budding Yeast
Step 2: Select the input type
NCBI Entrez ID (LocusLink)
Step 3: Input gene list (each gene on a seperate line):
Step 4: Select algorithm.
Option 1: Manually set parameters:   p = , q =
Option 2: Optimize p
Option 3: Optimize p and q
Step 5:
(It may take a while to finish if you choose to optimize one or both parameters.)

[1] Y. Lu, R. Rosenfeld, I. Simon, G.J. Nau and Z. Bar-Joseph,
A Probabilistic Generative Model for GO Enrichment Analysis, Nucleic Acids Research 2008, doi:10.1093/nar/gkn434.